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The Artisans’ Group was formed in 2007 in Asheville, NC by Pasha Suprunchik and Alex Tikhonov who came to the United States from Latvia when they were children. Although they were very young, the ways of the Old World are still part of who they are and how they see their work. Pasha and Alex met in school and have been close friends for many years. They both entered the construction industry when they were in their teens and have always shared a passion for building homes the right way.

Pasha started working with stucco and other siding materials, as well as remodeling homes and hotels when he was 14 years of age, working every summer and during weekends for family and friends. Alex began at age 13 by building his parents’ house with his brother. He soon after discovered his love for painting and detail work.

After working for others through their teens Pasha and Alex decided to go on their own. They wanted businesses that reflected their beliefs and treated the staff and clients they way they wanted to be treated. As they turned twenty they both started their own businesses and built a strong clientele and reputation over the years. In 2007 they decided to join forces so they could create a company that could offer more comprehensive building services based on the principles they share.

The Team

We only hire the best craftsmen we can find; all of them share our values and belief in the Old World methods and ethics. Most of our team share our roots in the former Soviet Union countries and have been with us for many years.

We have a Master Craftsman for each of our trades.

Misha and Yan are passionate about siding. They take great pride in every project and handcraft every detail.

Dimitri and Peter have been told that they paint better than Michelangelo. They are perfectionists who apply paint like masters.

Vlad creates master pieces from tile.

Anatoli works stucco the old way yet using current technology for efficiency. His work is simply flawless.

Michael is our master framer who ensures each project we work on has a solid structure.

Andrey is our finishing carpenter whose attention to detail and pride are unequaled.

Alik is the master of hardwood floors not only does he installs them with precision he finishes them like a masterpiece.

Alberto is in charge of drywall and his crew is not only fast but dedicated to excellence.

Alejandro is the rock master and he truly rocks. His precision is simply unmatchable.

Pasha and Alex are responsible for coordinating and ensuring the sound, timely and, within budget execution of each project. They expect nothing but the very best from each member of their team and take care of communications with clients

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